Pibella female urination device in a wheelchair


Pibella Comfort

I am 36 and I have been in a wheelchair since I was 30 yrs old. Before Pibella whenever I went out in public I would have to have my husband come in the bathroom with me and lift me up and put me on the toliet… Sitting on the public toliets would often give me boils and infections from them not being sterlie… So we would not go out often because it was either sit on the toilet or sit in a wet adult diaper… But with the Pibella I can go out on my own… I dont need any assitance in the bathroom… I can go out with my friends and other family members without having to have my husband there to help me in the bathrooms and best of all I have not had one boil or infection since using the Pibella and not having to sit on the dirty pyblic toliets… Words cant express how much I appreciate you for making this product. Thank You Belinda