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Pibella Comfort is unique and stands the test at home. It is esteemed by teenagers to women older than 90!

Pibella Comfort at home. A relief for everyone!

  • For the patient
  • For the nursing staff
  • For relatives talking care of the patient

Pibella Comfort is immeasurably valuable – particularly when getting up is difficult, dangerous, painful or not possible. But also when the body should not be moved or strained!

Pibella Comfort stands the test in the following cases: illnesses and accidents – before and after operations – bone fractures – circulation problems – medication – dizziness – risk of falling (more than 70% of falls can be prevented) – old age – obesity – during and after pregnancy!
It is also very important that women drink enough liquid all day long. Pain is diminished – stress is reduced – healing processes are improved!
Women find the external, straightforward application wonderful, pleasant and discreet and, more often than not, they use Pibella independently which is especially appreciated at night!

24 hour care usually becomes unnecessary. Relatives consider care a lot easier using Pibella Comfort. It is no longer compelling to use the bedpan which is uncomfortable for many people; and going to the toilet – which can often be dangerous – also becomes unnecessary.

Pibella has my enthusiasm and gratitude.”

Pajkanovic Svetlana B1 – Nurse – Hirslanden-Klinik St. Anna – Lucerne, Switzerland