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„Going for a wee“ outside was until now mostly uncomfortable and often humiliating or even „disgusting“ for women.

 Pibella Travel in the Mensroom  A full bladder, no toilet in sight, dirty wc facilities or long queues.

For women who use Pibella this is no longer a problem because they can now relieve themselves standing up in a comfortable and discreet manner.

Until now, it wasn’t at all easy to urinate while wearing a festive or wedding dress. With Pibella Travel all you need to do, is roll up your dress or loosen it at the waist and push it slightly downwards. This way, the dress is also protected from being stained.

Pibella Travel on Festivals Whether at events, weddings or other festivities – Pibella Travel is the convenient small and hygienic „companion“. Pibella’s fan community is constantly growing.

It provides women with more freedom, security and well-being – both in good times and in bad.

 Pibella Travel and Simone!  “I always take Pibella with me to festivals due to the fact that the toilets are generally quite dirty. My friends also think it is a very practical appliance.”

Helène Bursin, Schweiz

“I bought Pibella for a rather unusual event: my wedding. The reason: I had a crinoline dress and therefore would have needed someone to accompany me to the rest room to lift it up. In order to avoid this inconvenience, I decided to buy Pibella. After three attempts, I got the hang of it. My Pibella fitted nicely in a small handbag and I was able to go to the toilet on my own. An excellent product – please keep up the good work! Best regards.”

Grit H., Berlin, Deutschland

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